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You’re gliding among the treetops, the biting air rushing past your face.  You look down at the mountain
 below you, and the bright, glittering sky above and you wonder, “Is this how birds feel?” Then you realize you’re going much faster than the average bird soaring on the Big Bear breeze.  You’ve got gravity on your
 side.  You’re Ziplining!!!

Action Zipline Tours are the most exciting way to experience Big Bear year-round, weather permitting. The three hour tour includes an off-road ride two miles into the forest in our safari jeeps, with nine high-speed zipline lines that run down our mountain for the most avid thrill-seekers, a beautiful suspension bridge with stunning views of Johnson Valley as a backdrop for it all, Action Zipline Tours is truly an adventure. Our all-inclusive tour is outdoor recreation at its best, and it’s most exclusive.

So whether you’re planning a team-building retreat for a large group, or you’re looking for something new to try with your family, Action Zipline Tours are the perfect way to spend your day in the mountains.

Action Participant Requirements

  • All customers must fill out and sign a release form. Zipline Release Waiver
  • Riders must be in adequate health. Riders cannot be pregnant and should be free from back, foot, heart or respiratory problems.
  • Ziplining is a rugged outdoor experience. Dress appropriately. For more specific information please see our Safety Information page.
  • Sunscreen must be applied before arriving at the tour site.
  • Drink lots of water prior to your tour. We will also provide water during your tour.
  • No tobacco, alcohol or chewing gum will be permitted.
  • No running or horseplay will be permitted during the tour.
  • Riders may not have anything attached to belts or belt loops.
  • Riders may not bring cell phones, pagers, iPods, MP3 Players, or other easily-lost valuables on their tour. No cameras are allowed on the course due to safety reasons. We provide secure lockers at our departure center.
  • Riders must always follow tour guides’ instructions.
  • Riders must weigh at least 65 lbs. Maximum weight is 250 lbs.
  • There is no minimum height required but the maximum height for riders is 6 feet 6 inches (6’6″) tall.
  • Riders must use only equipment provided by Action Zipline Tours.
  • Have fun!
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